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What's This?! Manda's Posting!

Wow, I haven't posted in here in a hell of a long time.

What's been going on with me?

I started college in the winter. Going for a degree in Early Childhood Education. Actually, I need to register for my fall classes still.

Justin left me in May. Then in June he wanted to get back together. That didn't last long. He's an ass and he hurt me. We had been engaged. We were going to get married next year. And now he won't talk to me. Nice guy, that.

I'm going to Texas at the end of the month! Going to go stay with a friend for a week. Visit with a couple other friends. I'm really looking forward to that. ^_^ I've never been to Texas, so that will be interesting.

It's late, so I won't post much more for now. But look, I'm alive!

Happy Valentine's Day and More

Lookie, I'm not dead!! Yes, I'm still around. I've just been mostly using my GJ instead of my LJ.

First off, Happy Valentine's Day. Make it a good one, whether you're with someone or not.

Now, what's been going on with me... Well, Justin and I got an apartment in Holly. We're paying $399. My sister was not happy, as she had to move back home with my parents. But a lot of that was her fault, as she got a new car (a 2007 Focus) and so has to make payments on that and car insurance...she wouldn't have had money to get an apartment. She was also mad that Justin and I didn't want to stay at the other apartment, saying that we would be paying just as much over there. But now we don't have to deal with her complaining all the time and such.

We got a cat from the humane society. She's six years old, and was already spayed and was front declawed. She ended up being $25. We don't have to pay a pet fee at the apartment, either, so she ended up being a cheap cat. Except she wouldn't eat anything but canned food for awhile, but Justin's getting her dry food now and she's actually eating it.

Justin's mom had a couple notebook computers that she didn't need anymore (she works at a computer company type thing), so she gave Justin and I one each, kind of as an extra Christmas gift. So I have a lappy of my very own. ^_^ Yay.

Meh, so anyway, I'm still around.


Hey look, I'm updating. Wow!! Yeah, it's been awhile. Lessee, what've you missed while I haven't been updating...

I've found the love of my life. And he moved in with my sister and I. It makes me all happy-like.

I haven't found a job. Which makes me sad. Cuz, ya know, I'd like to make monies.

I've got rats!! Oh, okay, I have a rat, but my boyfriend has the other. They're super cute!! Mine is named Gizmo, and his is named Spooky. Sadly I don't have pictures, but perhaps I will get some pictures sometime soon.

We're kinda sorta looking for a house, although we'll most likely be staying at the apartment another year. I'd prefer 6 months, but a year would be okay I guess. I just would like a little bit more room now that my boyfriend lives here, too. We have the smaller bedroom, which doesn't really matter since he didn't bring a lot with him...mostly clothes and his puter and such. The rest of his stuff is still at his parent's house. But still...more room would be good.

I have an Xbox!! I know, it's weird. Well, okay, technically it's Justin's, but that makes it mine as well. ~_^ Yeah, yesterday he sold his tires from his other car which was recently sent to the salvage yard dealie...and for it he got an Xbox, a PS2 and a buncha games. We traded most of the games in cuz they were mostly crappy sports games...and then we got other games from GameStop.

Ehh, and that's my update for now. Yeah, there's more I should update, but I can't think...so, um, yay, I'm back??

I'll Subject You

Yay, look at me, I'm posting an entry.

So, yeah, I haven't updated in awhile because I've been updating at my GJ. But I've missed my LJ.

Umm, currently in look for a job mode. Haven't found one yet.

Currently kinda sorta in look for a guy mode. May have found one, though. LoL. Yeah, I like him, but things are still getting worked out, I guess.

Umm, my sister's puter crashed. I'm borrowing my mom's until such time as my sister or I get a new puter. Umm, yeah, it sucks. Computers weren't meant to have only 64 MB of RAM...they just weren't.

And, that's all I have for now.

Been Too Long

Alright, so I haven't updated here in awhile. I've actually been spending a lot of time over at Greatest Journal. Yeah, I like it there. Not sure if I like it better than here, but one very big plus about it is you get to have 2000 user pics. I really like that. Of course I don't have anywhere near that many yet....but I'm able to. ^_^

Aaannnd...since I can....I'm promoting a community over there!! Go!! Join!!

Join today!

We need members!! Oh, and tell them you heard about it from orangesnowball. ^_^

Anyhoo, hmm, fair is almost here. Most of my projects are already turned in. Mostly just need to do food type stuff (due Sunday or Monday), and a few other crafty projects are due by tomorrow. Look at me procrastinating. I do enjoy it so.

Update Time

Yeah, I guess I should update here...

I'm single yet again. Yeah, guys are ass holes. I'm about ready to swear them off, but that would be silly.

The fair is coming up (August 15), so I'm working on projects. I signed up for 72 things this year!! As of now...I have a total of 3 completed. Haha, but most of my items are foods, so I can't do those yet, obviously.

Oh yeah, I have contacts now. ^_^ It's been awhile since I've had contacts. I forgot how much I like em. And I can wear my sunglasses again!! Too bad I can't find my purple ones, though.

I've been fiddling around with Photoshop, which is fun. I also have Paint Shop Pro 9. So, yay.

Oh yes, and little miss I'm afraid of dolls, namely me, would like a ball-joint doll. Blame onnawufei / photobee Her dolls are absolutely beautiful, and they've made me want one or two of my own. The only problem is I don't have the money for one, and probably won't for awhile. But one day!!

Photo Meme Request Thing

Think of three pictures you would like to see. Things in or around my house, something I can take a picture of easily! Be creative with your requests if you will. Once I've gathered up all the requests, I'll make a post of the ones I manage to get a picture of.

Update Update

So this turned out to be a pretty good weekend.

Hung out with Rinie; still am hanging out with Rinie.

Went over to Kyle's; that was fun.

Went to mom and dad's to find out that some stupid punk ass kids graffitied a semi and some silo's...With things like Fuck You, FAG, Bitch, Something about a Penis, and some other things. That happened Friday night, apparently. And at least the word fag is not coming off that silo, which is just great. I hate kids that purposely deface property like that. If you're going to do something, steal some reflectors, fork and marshmallow a yard, t.p. some trees....but don't fucking spray paint shit on stuff that it won't come off of. Especially when little kids live in the house!! *sigh*

Went to Joran's last night. Hung out with him, Adam, Walter and Rinie. Also played pool for the first time. And I sucked. But it was still good fun.

And that's my basic update. So, woo.


So I've decided my party will be on the 27th. Um, w00t.

Haven't heard from Joran in a week. Uber Uber mad un-w00t.

Don't really have much to update. Kinda w00t.

My neck has been hurting for the past two days. Uber mad un-w00t.

And all sorts of other things to which I'll say w00t and un-w00t. Um, yaay?? No, w00t.
Happy Beltaine!!

Stop Being Such A Turkey Ass

Hrm, guess I should update.

I thought that this last Saturday night was my last night at Galaxy, but apparently I work next Saturday, as well. Which is all fine and dandy...except that I miss out on Kyle's party whatchamawhosit. Which makes me sad.

We're having a Home and Garden Party here on the 11th. My Aunt's hosting it. It'll be at 7pm...

As I said in my last post I believe it was, I'm planning on having a party still, just haven't decided when. Could do it the 11th, and have it be after the Home and Garden Party...I'll see if maybe that will work. I just really haven't decided or put the greatest amount of thought into it.

Things are going well with Joran. ^_^ Quite well, I would say. Although I must say I'd like to spend more time with him.

So, my dragon windchimes were on one of those 3m hooks, hanging in the "den"ish area, and they'd been there for...3 or 4 months?? Well Saturday night they apparently fell. No idea why, and the hook disappeared. Two parts of wings broke off my dragons, and a little bit of the crystals came off the base. Makes me not a happy duck.

Umm, oh yes, I'd just like to say H.W.S.

Hrm, and I'm hungry, so I'ma gonna go.

Glad To Be Able To Say "Fuck You"

Oi...cranky me.

Well, Friday night was good fun. It was good seeing Rinie, Sara, Kyle and Steven, and even Mark.

But then I get a call from Joran on Saturday saying he's back and wants to see me, but I'm in Capac. Then we get back here, and I try calling him, and he's gone to do something. Then I had to work, oh, but I got out of work early, at about 10ish. Which was nice, but then I still didn't get to do anything but stay here, be bored, play some video games, shower, sleep... Bout the same today. And I missed out on some good fun last night, too, apparently. ~_~ Also can't get ahold of Joran now. Grr.

Rinie's moving over here soonish, so yay for that. I've missed her lots, and it's going to be nice to have her here. Oh, it'll be good fun. Hehe.

I'm planning on having a party sometime soonish. I'll have to see when people are generally available, especially since I'll be inviting Steven and all; I told him I would. And Stina, Sara and Rinie must be there, Kyle, and Joran, and probbly his friends... Oh, it'll be a good party.


Grr, I'm unhappy right now.

I didn't get to see anybody today, or rather yesterday... Rinie ended up not coming out... Joran ended up not coming to see me at all. I hadn't seen him in almost a week, and he's leaving for 2 weeks in the morning....

I wanted to drink tonight, but I don't drink alone, so ended up not being able to do that...

I had a dream which somewhat involved the douche that is my ex...

I'm lonely. I'm pmsing. And I feel like shit.

This is not a happy day.


Let me just say this. Never let me drink Bacardi 151 and coke again. Ever. That is all.

Just An Update

Yesterday was both Dad's and Rinie's birthday.

Went to Capac for Dad's birthday. Ended up going to Lucky's for dinner, then coming back shortly afterwards. Got to see my niece's. They were both so excited to see me, and I to see them. Em didn't want me to leave!! She told me no, I couldn't go.

William's been in West Virginia for a few days now. Enough said.

Went and saw The Hills Have Eyes, and also V For Vendetta with Joran over the past couple days. Both were really good, I thought. And I had a lot of fun. Ohh, and I want Walter's puppy, and his kittah!! Poor Ninja the kittah is blind, but he's so cute.

I'm quite confused right now. But I won't discuss it....

And I feel very left out right now. Oh, gee, again. Whatever. Doesn't matter. It never does.

Mm, Irish...

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Hrm, just thought I'd say that. Yeah, everyone else have fun drinking and such, heh.

As for me, I'll be working. Yay work.

Mm, Hair

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yaay for my new haircut!! ^_^ I absolutely love it.

Edit: Ack, I realized I forgot to wish my LJ a Happy Three Years of Existence!!

My Head Still Hurts

I'm not sure what to say. Oh, but people make my head hurt.

As someone told me this weekend: Isn't college supposed to make you smarter?? Well, it's not necessarily college, but isn't age supposed to make you smarter?? Shouldn't you mature as your age matures?? From where I'm sitting, it doesn't seem to be so. I have seen more than one person in the last week alone just blast their immaturity. Plus the fact that they can't handle their relationships, their friendships...themselves...

Okay, here's the deal. If you have something horrible to say to someone, you should at least have the courtesy to hear them out. Especially if they made the effort to hear you out. Telling someone off and then just hanging up?? Bad idea. Being a two-faced bitch?? Bad idea. Ending a relationship through an email?? Bad idea. But generally...if you're going to say what's on your mind, then please let other people speak their minds, as well!!

On a different note, if you have something to say to me, go ahead and say it. If you want to put me in the middle of something, as I have a feeling I might be, do not do it.

On another note, I will not go out of my way to remain friends with someone who treats me like shit. I've done that, and will do it no more. No. I'm done. So if we're friends, okay, we're friends. But I can only take so much. A few fights here and there I can deal with. I mean, hell, look at Rinie and me. We had a falling out once...we have fights every now and then. But neither of us treats the other like shit, and we're best friends!! But I can name a couple people off the top of my head that will never gain friendship with me again.

If anybody has some input on anything I've said here, then by all means, say it.
Best. Song. Ever.

Sparky, Don't Die!!

Well, nothing much going on with me right now.

Had some good blueberry paczki's on paczki day. Blueberry cuz those were the only ones left, but they were still good all the same.

Bought and read Micah. Hrm, I thought it was cute. Although much shorter than I would have liked.

I'll probbly change the look of my lj soon. I'm thinking of the next theme...

My dreams have not been good over the past few nights. They've only been good when I haven't slept alone... But when I do sleep alone...there's lots of weird shit, and loneliness, and death...

I have an uber bad headache right now.

Work's been okay, for the most part.

Our building has been made a dog building, and they just decided not to tell us... Yeah, that was great... But it makes me want a puppy now. Aww, puppies...

And, that's all I have for you right now...

Dreams of Doom

So last night (which would be Sunday night I'm talking about) I had a not so good dream. I seem to be having those a lot lately. But this one revolved around Joe. Oh, joy upon joy... He was apparently getting married to this girl that, oh, he broke up with me for. (Now I don't know if he broke up with me for anyone....just how the dream was going.) Anyhoo, yup, he was getting married, and the fucker invited me. And I spent the whole dream watching him and his girl. Pictures, videos, them... I woke up wanting to cry...

In other news, Angel has informed me of what I shall be doing on Friday. Bar-backing...stocking coolers, washing pitchers....that type of thing. So I don't feel so much like stressing out so much anymore.

Umm, not so much is going on right now. Just this update and talking to William. Oh, and eating sour cream and onion chips. ^_^

Big Brothers Weekend...Blah

Gee, don't I feel left out...

Wow, I missed 1:37 by one minute. Well, Bong!! anyway...

Work's going good. Just kinda worried about next Friday. It's apparently going to be a really crazy ass night. Instead of 5-close, I work 4-close. That's a long time to be working. Plus, ya know, I'm not going to be working the Quickie Bar. I'm going to be working the other side of the actual Bar...Bar-Backing, apparently. Well I've never worked the big bar, so um, yay. Let's throw me in almost blind on basically the busiest night you have. I'll just freak out now... That also means that if the schedule continues as it's supposed to, I'm going to be working three fridays in a row. Well, maybe it'll only be two fridays in a row and she'll give me the third one off. Buuut...probbly not. Cuz of the way the leagues work....I think I'm stuck working three Fridays in a row. Let me bitch now. I'm not complaining about the hours, just complaining cuz I had a set schedule, every other Friday...and now that's changed. Grr. Or maybe I am complaining about the hours. About 11 hours or so, theoretically....no breaks....my feet are going to be soo sore... Not to mention I have to work Saturday, too.

Umm, things are going good. I guess. For the most part.

Thank ya, Bill (ack, I said Bill...ah well...) for coming out last night. I appreciate it a lot. Although I'm sorry it was like 3:00 when I got out of work, so tiredness was abound. Mm, sleep. Yes, sleep is good when you actually sleep. lol But next time don't steal my comforter. :P Haha, naw, it's okay.

Wow, my apartment is cold for some reason. Although according to Bill it's warm. But I'm freezing, so, yeah, it's cold.

Well, I miss everyone. Hope to see any of you soon...and ya know, talk....whatever... I love you all.

And that's it. I gotta go do some stuff and stuff. I'll update some more later, probably, most likely. When I think of more to say.

What's In An Update...??

Wednesday night I bought my Nintendo DS. It's blue. I love it. I bought Animal Crossing. I love it.

I basically spent the last few days with William (or Bill :P). I highly enjoy him. ^_^ Quite the fun guy.

I found out last night that they're coming out with a Harvest Moon for the DS. Yaay, w00t!! Also a new Harvest Moon for GameCube, more yaay!! (but I already knew about that one) ^_^ That makes me happy.

I wish I had a wireless router now, so I could do the whole Wi-Fi thing. Ah well, one day...

Wow, I really thought this entry was going to contain more. I guess not. So, I'll update later at some point.

Just a Survey Thingie

Mm, Beautiful...

Saturday night/Sunday morning when I came home from work the snow was really beautiful. Well, the cold blah wasn't so beautiful, but the snow was. And the tree outside the apartment, the one that you can see when you look out from the balcony, looked so awesome with all that snow. I wanted to take a picture, but I would have had to go all the way up to get the camera, and then go all the way back down, take a picture in the cold, then go up again. Nope, wasn't in the mood for that one, but it would have made a really nice picture.

I think I'm going to buy my DS next week, or rather this week. I should have enough money, seeing as how I get my check Wednesday and all. So, yaay.

Since about my birthday I've been thinking about getting my hair cut. I had wanted to grow it long, so it was long for my wedding. But as that's no longer happening, I don't really see any reason to keep it long. I absolutely love my hair short. Well, not too short, but short enough... I dunno, but depending on how much I have after I buy my DS and game, and probbly some bills...then I'll get my hair cut. But then it kind of seems like, well, the "trend," I guess. Haha, oh well.

Ya know, it's been a long time sine anyone's called me beautiful. Oh, I've been called hot, even sexy, but not beautiful. Not even by Joe. It's kind of sad, really. Ah well...

And I forgot to say it, but Happy Late Imbolg. ^_^

Picture Thingie

Stolen from onnawufei
1. Go into your Photobucket or online photo album.
2. Pick ten RANDOM pictures.
3. Put them in your LJ & explain what it's doing in your photo album

Not Too Creative Here...Collapse )

First Thing That Comes To Mind...

.snow?: Flake
..rain?: Sex
..tornado?: Storm
..summer love?: Strawberries
..Jon?: I'd like an H, please
..Mike?: Joe
..Shea?: Lauren
..banana?: Split
..dizzy?: Spinning
..Laura?: C.
..Juan?: Alfaro
..car?: Mustang
..white?: Black
..peppermint?: Hot Cocoa
..New Found Glory?: Catalyst
..placebo?: Pills
..orange juice?: Vodka
..candid camera?: Haha
..sister?: Becky
..brother?: Seth (which is funny that he's the first thing that came to mind. Huh, weird...)
..hate?: Love
..school?: Graduate
..President?: America
..football?: Hockey
..rap?: Eminem
..pop?: Soda
..rock?: Kill
..punk?: ...y Brewster
..sex?: Frustration
..death?: Grim Reaper
..baby?: William
..duuude?: Woah
..the end?: Is near

Happy Groundhog's Day

Yesterday at work this guy that always calls me "pigtails" told me that all guys are spineless fucking pigs. Well, mostly, that's pretty accurate. Yeah...

Today is Becky's Birthday. So, woo.

Hrm, and I don't have much else to say at the moment. I'm going to start making my entries actually mean something more. Really, I am. At some point. ^_^

Dew Shnozzle...

Well, I'm doing okay. I wasn't, I really wasn't, but for now I'm okay. No promises that I'll continue to be okay. I just don't know.

Yesterday Sara and Stina came to see me, along with William. He's so adorable. ^_^ I'm so glad they came to see me, cuz I really didn't want to be alone yesterday. Thanks, guys. I love you.

Well, I don't have much else to say right now. Just wanted to say how I'm doing...

And that title, yeah, that's just how I feel right now...

Of Course.....

There. Is everyone happy now??

I'm single again.

Yeah, I bet everyone was just waiting for that one....

Update Update

Well, I don't think I'm in as pissy a mood as I was yesterday. Which is good, since I have to work, and I don't want to be pissy at work.

Our neighbors....are loud. They themselves come in and out of the building way past 11:30, past midnight even. They talk kinda loudly. And their baby doesn't cry at night, but during the day. *shrugs*

Last night...I had an interesting dream. In part of it my friends and I went to Ireland....wait for it....to see the Quidditch World Cup!! LoL. It was kinda weird, but the countryside was beautiful. Then later in the dream we were at my apartment, and looking at all the food I had....and I had like 6 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which by the way, I don't even eat. Ohh, and earlier in the dream I was some guy, who really liked this girl that woudn't give me the time of day. But I was taking a shower, and my friends made her go to me, and she came in the shower with me. Now that was definitely a weird part of my dream. I don't remember ever having a dream where I was in fact a guy. One with red hair, at that. Just interesting.

I keep sleeping weird in bed. The last two days I've woken up feeling sore because of the way I slept. My neck's all wonky, as well as my back. ~_~

I haven't heard anything more from Joe since his email... And I'm really worried about him, still...

I think my next big purchase is going to be a Nintendo DS and Animal Crossing. Mom and Dad said they'd give us 300 for the next two months of rent. Which equals 600 bucks. So as long as my next check covers it, I can get my DS and Animal Crossing, pay Rinie back, etc. etc. I should definitely have enough, what with Tips and all. So, yay.

And I guess I'm going to get going.

Bitch Bitch Bitch

I'm not in a very good mood right now. And I don't even know the real reason. All I know is I'm being snippy and moody and fucking blah.

My animal crossing game is now screwed up cuz my sister decided to visit it without telling me. Which means animals are going to move, and it's going to be all weird since I was going to turn back time so I could play and get the snowman stuff. I hadn't played my town since the beginning of January...and now it's saved at the end of January with someone from her town moved over there. Dammit. If she was going to visit my town she could have at least fucking told me. And yes, I'm fucking pissed about a video game. Gah.

I'm really missing my boyfriend right now. I still don't really know what's up, why what happened happened, how he's doing... I've only received one simple email with one simple sentence. And that only tells me so much. I dont' know if he's really okay or anything...and that scares me. I'm scared...

And I don't have much else to say at the moment, so I guess that's it.

Personality Thingie


Alright, so maybe the dawn is here after all, Bill. Orr...M4D_B34R. Which, by the way, haven't seen you in awhile, b34r, so glad to see you out and about. And 'grats on college and all. ^_^

Finally heard from Joe, and I'm so glad you're okay, babes.

I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday. Well, no puking, so yay.

Took me over an hour to get to sleep last night. And why, may you ask?? Cuz I broke down crying and couldn't stop. Now, if you know me, you know that I pretty much never cry. Like, ever. It's been a rough week and a half here, and I just couldn't take it anymore, so the crying came. And then it just wouldn't stop. There's now a picture or two of me crying, and I'm not sure why. Just thought that pictures of me crying might make me stop cuz it seemed...well, not right. Well, they didn't help. No, I cried myself to sleep for the first time. Although once I got to sleep, I slept kinda well, so... *shrugs*

Alright, and I guess I'm gonna go eat and stuff. I'll update later.

Fucking Great

I fear that my biggest fear is coming into existence...

I don't know why. I don't think anything was changing. Unless it was because of that one night. So is it my fault?? No, nothing had changed from the norm. Nothing had changed. So why?? Or am I completely wrong?? Is this all just a misunderstanding?? Well, that'd be just fucking great, but I highly doubt it at this point. All I want is some answers, some reasons. Right now I just want my boyfriend.

Never hurt me, huh?? Well I beg to disagree. I am hurt right now. So fucking hurt. All I ask is for some sign, some reason, something... It's great. So fucking great...

I love you.

So, thank you. Just...thank you.


So, not going to work today. Been puking all morning. Feel like shit. So, called in sick, and that's that.

So, there's still hope, right?? I guess... At least I know there's some sign of activity, even though it still doesn't help me get any closer to finding out why... Or anything, for that matter. Just makes me more worried, really.

So, just felt like updating, even though I don't really have anything to say.

Doomed, Indeed

Well, Joe's still missing... It's now been over a week. I'm now quite worried and scared... I don't know what's happened to him, if he's still sick, or in the hospital, just ignoring me, or dead. Whether he's just somewhere with no computer access and just not answering his phone, or what. I have no clue, and I'm really scared. Nothing had changed...he was still telling me he loved me and all, until he disappeared... So if he's just ignoring me, I would have no clue why. Joe, please let me know that you're okay.

Well, we have new neighbors across the hall from us. They have a baby. And they seem to go in and out of the place at like 11:30 at night. It doesn't bother me, just stating the fact, and I think it's interesting.

Our first plant is dying. ~_~ We're not sure why. It's quite sad, cuz it was a cute little thing.

Work is going well. Get my second check on Tuesday, w00t. Well, technically, I get it Wednesday cuz I don't work till Wednesday, and since I can't cash it till Wednesday anyway, I get it then. And it's cool cuz I can cash it right there. So it's, ya know, instant gratification. ~_^

Saw Underworld: Evolution this past Saturday. I quite liked it.

And I guess I'm going to get going...

Final List Update

Meh, okay, nobody's guessing, so here goes...

1. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love of some time in your life, or are a fan of.
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each item.
3. Post in your own journal.

1. Final Fantasy 8 Selphie Tilmitt redivivus_fate
2. Fruits Basket Kyou pilarhonor
3. Invader Zim Gir pilarhonor
4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello, but that's only half right. I frickin' love Donatello, but when I was younger it was all about Michaelangelo pilarhonor
5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Willow bluescorpio
6. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series Nathaniel, definitely pilarhonor
7. Harry Potter Ron Weasley, if you're referring to the movies. But if you're referring to the books, it would definitely be Fred and George Weasley. But as probably nobody was going to get that, I'll give it to Rinie pilarhonor
8. Three Sisters Island Trilogy Nell Channing Todd bluescorpio
9. Family Guy Stewie pilarhonor
10. Futurama Philip J. Fry
11. Fraggle Rock Boober
12. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington bluescorpio
13. The Goonies Data
14. Cannibal! The Musical Alferd Packer, although I might even say Humphrey
15. Orgazmo I am Sancho. No, no... Orgazmo. Oh, I mean, Joe Young
16. The Last Unicorn Amalthea. Although this one was a bit difficult, as I also really love Schmendrick
17. Kingdom Hearts Riku redivivus_fate
18. Harvest Moon Ann
19. Winnie The Pooh Eeyore pilarhonor
20. Final Fantasy X Rikku pilarhonor

Birthday Day Update

So, yesterday was my birthday. My family bought me "The Ultimate Bartender's Guide," which has over 1000 recipes in it. w00t. ^_^

I went and bought a computer desk from Staples. This desk was originally $200, but it's been a display desk that was still at the old store. So they brought it over to the new store, and marked it down to 50% off, which would have made it $100. Then last night they were going to mark them down even more. So I got it for what turned out to be just about $80. Tis a pretty nice desk. Kinda big, really, but it's not like we didn't have the room for it. I like it. ^_^

Then mom, dad, Becky, and Katherine took me to Applebee's, which was pretty good. Did you know they have Kiwi Daquiri's?? Ohh, they do, and they're sooo good. Hehe. Then I got my free dessert, they sang me a song, etc. etc.

Came home and had my other dessert. Mmm, Grasshopper Pie. Yum yum.

Then we went bowling at Galaxy. Yaay for my employee discount. We played three games. Or technically, the five of us played one game. I did pretty good in that game. 120. ^_^ Then mom, dad and Katherine left cuz they had to go back to Capac. So Becky and I played two more games. Second game I did I think 80 summin. Bleh. But we played a third game, and w00t I made a 152. Turkey included. It rawked. Anyhoo, all those games....$9. Ohh, yeah... Hehe

And I might end up working Thursday nights, also. So, more money, equals very woo.

And now I have to get going to work, so I'll update later.

Oh, and a Joe update... He still seems to be missing. ~_~ I still have heard nothing from him. And so my worry factor is quite high right now... I really hope he's okay.

Alright, now I'm done. Bai~Bai

Birthday Wishes To Me

So, yeah, Happy Birthday to me.

It hasn't been a very eventful birthday so far.

Joe is still, well, missing...

Last night I had another dream where Joe showed up where I was living, which was in this elaborate...hrm, building. Just a really big elaborate building. But Joe showed up, and, well, it was nice...

I'm worrying quite a bit at this point. A bit scared. *sigh* Joe, where are you??

Well, I gotta get some cleaning done, so I guess I'm going to do that and such...

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